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Consult our blog regularly and you will know everything about today's castle life! You will find lots of anecdotes, pictures, etiquettes tips, family recipes, and many more surprises...

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Spend wonderful days in the nicely renovated outbuildings of the Castle with the best view on the parc! We are looking forward to welcome you at the 'Tulipier de l'Empereur'!

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View all planned and past events at the Castle and follow our renovation projects. A major project is ongoing: the renovation of Napoleon's Tent, an exceptional heritage of the empire style...

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Grandma’s recipe – Wild garlic’s pesto

Each year, the first days of spring are accompanied by the delicious smell of wild garlic which covers the park with a beautiful green carpet. One of the small pleasures of life is to lie down in this ‘ocean of green’ and enjoy sunshine and the sounds of birds singing, a moment which every year […]

When a Chinese fashion blogger visits you…

Have you ever heard about WeChat, Weibo or Little Red Book? Well, these apps have probably more users than Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! They are the most popular social media in China with close to a billion users. Chinese fashion bloggers have a huge influence on these social media. Last weekend, we had the chance to […]

6 amazingly romantic spots selected for you

Today is Valentine’s Day, and while many rejoice, others don’t really care and a few prefer to not think about it. In any case, Valentine’s Day is the feast of Love to our partner, to others and even to oneself. We would like to take advantage of this day to share with you beauty for […]

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