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A Castle requires a never ending maintenance, with small and large renovation projects, so useful for a more than 200 years old habitation! We invite you to follow our projects, the concerns and joice they provide... Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute one way or another.

The 'Gîte'

The old stalls of the Castle were renovated in 2010 with the objective to open an exceptional gîte (vacation house for rent). After 2 years of building work, we opened our gîte, called 'Tulipier de l'Empereur' (name of the gîte), in 2011. Since then, we welcome about 200 groups up to 11 people! Are you our next guests?

Napoléon's Tent

This is our large ongoing project which consists in fully renovating the reconstitution of Napoleon's tent during its campaigns in Egypt. The first phase just ended, with the fortification of two 4-meters high chimneys on the roof, that threatened to fall on the Napoleon's Tent, located right below. Follow us to know more about the next steps of your renovation journey!

The Galery

After the Napoleon's Tent, this will be our next project. The Galery is located in the large house at the entrance of the court, built by Michel Edmond de Sélys Longchamps to expose its collections of animals (he was an entomologist). The project consists in developing a multi-purpose area for professional or private seminaries and workshops, short term stays, etc. The project is still in its conception / design phase.

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Restoration of the Tent of Napoleon – First phase done!

The restoration of the Tent of Napoleon, the treasure of the Castle, has finally started! The first phase of the restoration consisted in replacing two large chimneys that could fall on the Tent of Napoleon, a room built as an outbuilding right below them. This first phase was a complex and dangerous operation as it […]

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