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Restoration of the Tent of Napoleon – First phase done!

The restoration of the Tent of Napoleon, the treasure of the Castle, has finally started! The first phase of the restoration consisted in replacing two large chimneys that could fall on the Tent of Napoleon, a room built as an outbuilding right below them. This first phase was a complex and dangerous operation as it required to climb on the roof, take down the 4-meter high chimneys and entirely rebuild them.

This first phase is finally done: we now have 2 wonderful chimneys that will last for 100 more years and the Tent is in security! We can now plan the next phase of the restoration: strengthening the Tent itself, which is falling apart due to water infiltration (see picture below). Keep in touch to know more about next phases!



The Tent of Napoleon in its current state… Water infiltration has done serious damage.

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