When a Chinese fashion blogger visits you…

Have you ever heard about WeChat, Weibo or Little Red Book? Well, these apps have probably more users than Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! They are the most popular social media in China with close to a billion users. Chinese fashion bloggers have a huge influence on these social media.

Last weekend, we had the chance to invite one of them at the Castle, our friend Jenna R. who has more than 2 million followers on Chinese social media. She also launched her own jewelry brand and directs social media campaigns for fashion and cosmetics companies.

After meeting a big part of the family, we walked around the Castle and the park, explaining our family and the castle history, and the joys and challenges of today’s castle life. Her fashion sense and her curiosity brought a breeze of fresh air as she brought a new eye on objects and places we are surrounded by every day. ‘I feel like I’m visiting a museum where you can live, play, run’, did she share with us and her followers. We have selected a few of her favorites.

10AM – We start the visit inside the Castle. She highlights surprising objects:

  • The crocodile, a quite surprising piece coming from the private collection of our ancestor Michel-Edmond de Selys Longchamps, a brilliant scientist who discovered many animal species
  • The piano in the ‘Salon Vert’, which does not sound very accurate but definitely has a style
  • Some ancestors paintings on the first floor – we admit they may look a bit scary, following you with their eyes when you pass by


12.30PM – Apero & Lunch Time!

  • We share a glass of Porto and Martini on the terrasse, in our favorite corner, under a generous sun. Time to chat, share stories from China and get to know the family better. Also a time to catch up with a live chat through the WeChat app with one of our family member who lives in China.
  • Chitchatting continues over a nice local lunch, including a delicious family recipe of pork wrapped in ham and its creamy mushroom sauce













2.30PM – Let’s digest with a walk!

We go around the park, which is pretty green and wild at the end of the summer.

  • Wild life is abundant, with roe deers, ducks, pheasants, dragonflies, and lots of birds and insects. What attracted the attention of our fashion blogger are these little insects, which I learned are called ‘Red Cabbage Bugs’ (thank you Google)
  • Impressive puffballs grow in the park, and Jenna found a pretty big one. Puffballs are really fun; we loved as kids to touch them and see them release a cloud of brown dust-like spores flying around



4.30PM – Recap and last pictures

Time to recap the day, share the last stories and take group pictures, sitting in the grass under that generous sun!


6PM – Time to say goodbye after a great day of laughs, discoveries, sign language for some of us and friendship.

It’s also the time for Jenna to recap the day on social media.


So here we are! Our first steps in China!!!



Jenna R. is also on Instagram – Follow her account now: jenna.rrr


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